Influence of educational expectations and family relationships on the prospective of pregnancy in adolescence among Mexican students


Adolescent Pregnancy (AP) is more frequent among young people who do not enjoy full access to human rights and life opportunities. A quantitative study was developed in Querétaro based on the application of a multipurpose questionnaire with 321 high school students, in order to understand the association between the Prospective of Adolescent Pregnancy (PAP) with family relationships and the educational expectations of this young population. It was identified that 30% of men and 20% of women find it possible to experience an AP. Besides, in this group was present a reminiscence of traditional gender expectations on their families. The main factors of protection against the PAP are: prioritizing a high educational level (OR = 3.25 [CI: 1.06 - 9.98]), feeling loved by their families (OR = 2.47 [CI: 1.36 - 4.50]), and having people to talk with about sexuality (OR = 2.40 [CI: 1.31 - 4.38]). The findings call for strengthening initiatives to accompany decision-making processes in adolescence, with public policies that expand their life options from gender equality.
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