The economic model and its influence in the sustainable development in five municipalities in Guanajuato State


The current model of economic development in the Bajio of Guanajuato, based on industrial and manufacturing production, was implemented by the state government seeking to make the use of its biotic and abiotic resources more efficient, to obtain products of greater added value than agriculture and livestock. However, the supposed benefits of this policy generate serious doubts in many specialists about its viability. Therefore, this work seeks to determine how this industrialization has impacted on different environmental, social, economic, and hydrological parameters in the municipalities of Celaya, Irapuato, Leon, Salamanca and Silao through a study of their historical data to observe their behavior over time, with the intention of determining the possible improvements and imbalances generated in them. The results obtained, allow to conclude the need to rethink this model of economic development due to the various levels of deterioration that municipalities have in many parameters, especially in hydric parameter.
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