Productive behavior and metabolic profile in steers supplemented with crude glycerin


This study aimed to evaluate the productive behavior and metabolic profile of 64 steers (initial weight 364 kg ± 5.9 kg) fed with four experimental diets (16 animals per treatment) with the inclusion of crude glycerin (CG) as a replacement of corn grain. Diets contained 0%, 5%, 15%, and 25% of CG, and steers were fed during 90 days in a completely randomized design. Steers were weighed every 30 days. Blood samples from each steer were taken before the morning feed by puncturing in the coccygeal vein to evaluate serum metabolites. The addition of CG did not affect the variables of productive behavior (p > 0.05). The interaction level of CG per sampling month was significant for glucose (p < 0.05); however, the inclusion of CG did not affect the urea and triglycerides concentrations (p > 0.05). The inclusion of crude glycerin to ruminants’ diets is an energetic alternative when there is low corn grains availability.
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